"Dreams feel real while we're in them. It's only when we wake up that we realize something was actually strange." -Inception

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

DVD envy!!! Inception Limited Edition Blu-Ray (UK)

In case, I haven't made it evident enough for anyone who knows me, I liked this summer's biggest blockbuster, Inception.  I mean, I really loved it.  The movie was perfection for me and I loved the craziness and rules about all the dream worlds.  Of course, I'm waiting for it to release on DVD so I can watch it again. And again and maybe again.

The Inception Limited Editing Blu-Ray (UK) details are enough to send me over the edge.  Have a look!

Limited edition aluminium briefcase
  • PASIV (Portable Automated Somnacin IntraVenous) Device User Manual
  • Movie art-cards
  • Inception Spinning Top
  • Maximum Movie Mode: Christopher Nolan and Leonardo DiCaprio extract information about the world of Inception and learn about all things you may have missed in the film. Questions, answers, surprises and intrigue are all there for the taking!
  • Prologue (Motion Comics):
  • Inception: The Cobol Job: Online comic that details how Cobb, Arthur and Nash came to be enlisted by Cobol Engineering to perform an extraction on Saito.
  • Inception: The Big Under: The story that reveals how Cobb and company get to Saito to put him under for the dream featured in the beginning of the film.
  • Dream of Consciousness: Taking some of the most fascination and cutting-edge dream research to date on lucid dreaming, leading scientist to make the case that the dream world is not an altered state of consciousness, but a fully functional parallel reality.
  • 15 Focus Pods
  • Photo Gallery
  • ‘Triple Play Edition’ includes the movie on 3 formats: Blu-ray, DVD & Digital Copy!
  • What is Triple Play Edition?
  • A premium Blu-ray pack that now includes both the DVD format and Digital Copy to allow you to enjoy the film whenever, wherever you want
  • Blu-ray for the best quality experience on the big TV screen, just like in the cinema but in the comfort of your own living room
  • DVD version that can be enjoyed in other rooms
  • Digital Copy for your laptop or media player (iPod) that can be enjoyed on the go
What looks like a 3 disc set comes in a case loaded with lots of goodies and wait, what? It comes with a spinning totem!!!!  Did they make this especially for me?  How did they know that's exactly what I wanted? ;-) But seriously, the details are enough to make any fan squee with delight.  I know what I'm asking Santa.  You?


  1. When is it coming out? I missed it in theaters and dying to see it.

  2. Around Christmas! Actually, the movie is still playing in some theaters. Still going strong here.


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