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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Where is Jean-Luc Godard hiding?

That's what the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) aka "the Academy" wants to know.  They wanted to present Godard with an honorary Academy Award.  The legendary French director associated with the emergence of the French New Wave is better known for his films like Breathless, My Life to Live, A Woman is a Woman and Pierret le Fou.  Godard has never won an Oscar because he's never ever been nominated.  Strange, really.

Anyways, the Academy, wanting to correct this oversight, are presenting Godard with the honorary Academy Award to make it up.  However, they couldn't find him, didn't know where he was and the reports in the media are quite amusing to read.  Godard doesn't feel up to making the trip because he hates flying and can't smoke.  Honesty, I like it.  And besides, it's not going to be in the actual Oscars in February/March but the Governor's Awards being held in November.

According to his wife, Anne-Marie Mieville, "Jean-Luc won't go to America, he's getting old for that kind of thing.  Would you go all that way just for a bit of metal?"  Ouch, too much honesty.  Guess the Europeans feel differently about Oscar than the Americans do.

Personally, I'm glad they have a separate Governor's Awards in November.  It gives a chance to properly honor the recipients without having to squeeze it into the actual ceremony without making it 6 hours long.  Just wish they would air this as a special so the ordinary folk could see it too.  Last year, John Calley, Roger Corman, Gordon Willis and the still amazing Lauren Bacall were honored.

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