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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Recommended Links: What to Watch in 2012 and Awards Talk!!

Goodbye 2011, we hardly knew ye, it seems! This past year seems to have flown by.  But as we look ahead to 2012, we have plenty of films to watch and the start of awards season to look forward to.  Here are some links to get us started.

  • I've put together my own list of what to watch in 2012 which I've added as a tab at the top of the page.  You can access it anytime.  I will be updating it to add some more movies that haven't a fixed release as yet.
  • As the Golden Globes are only 15 days away, here are the directors of the biggest animated films of the past year talking about motion capture.  This is going to be a big discussion in years to come.  Do we need a separate category for this?
  • From the Globes to the Oscars, with all the high mathematics about how a film gets to be nominated for Best Picture, there is confusion abound about the ballots.  The Hollywood Reporter explains the madness.
  • The Artist is considered the frontrunner by many for the big awards, but it is a throwback to the olden days, the silent era.  Why don't we watch the master of the silent era, Mr. Charlie Chaplin?  Here's a link to see some of his best works free!! I'd recommend City Lights, it's a personal favorite.  

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