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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Scene-stealers get their Day!

The Minions are getting their own movie!  The scene-stealers from Despicable Me, the yellow little minions will feature in their own movie to be directed by Pierre Coffin for a 2014 release.  Check them out in this hilarious short where they fight over a fruit.  Seriously, you have never heard the word 'banana' uttered so comically each time.  They'll do fine on their own.

Meanwhile, another set of scene-stealers are also getting their own flick, the military minded penguins from the Madagascar series will be seen next in The Penguins of Madagascar.  They already headline the same named television series on Nickelodeon and the move to solo film is quite the promotion for them.  What crazy scheme will they be up to next? We'll find out sometime in 2015.

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