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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Notable Trailers: To Rome with Love, Delicacy, Intouchables and 7 Days in Havana

Today's trailers are all set in foreign locales.  Let's take a look!

Well, that was fast.  Just days ago, we got introduced to the new Italian poster of To Rome with Love and soon enough a new trailer debuts this week.  In it, we get introduced to a few different storylines.  We have an American couple (Judy Davis, Woody Allen) who go to Rome to meet their daughter's boyfriend, a young couple (Greta Gerwig, Jesse Eisenberg) whose relationship gets tested when the girlfriend's best friend (Ellen Page) moves in with them, an Italian man (Roberto Benigni) who gets his every move reported by the paparazzi and finally there's Penelope Cruz playing a prostitute.  Coming after Midnight in Paris, I hope this one does not disappoint.

From Italy we move to France where Intouchables tells the story of a quadriplegic man who hires a young man from the projects to look after him.  The film is about their unique friendship.  Omar Sy who play Driss, the caretaker of Philippe (Francois Cluzet), won the Cesar for Best Actor over The Artist's Jean Dujardin and the film has become the second most-watched movie in French cinema.  One to look out for.

Also from France comes Delicacy (La delicatesse) starring Audrey Tautou and Francois Damiens (Heartbreaker).  Tautou plays Nathalie, a young widow who finds love again with her Swedish co-worker.  I think this one will be mostly for Tautou fans.

And finally, in the tradition of Paris, Je t'aime and New York, I Love You comes 7 Nights in Havana, an anthology film featuring stories directed by Laurent Cantet, Juan Carlos Tabio, Gaspar Noe, Elia Suleiman, Julio Medem, Pablo Trapero and Benicio Del Toro.  The film stars Josh Hutcherson (The Hunger Games), Daniel Bruhl, Emir Kusturica, Melissa Rivera and Elia Suleiman.

Which of these trailers is going to send you to the cinema?


  1. To be candid, I don't watch trailers unless I'm in a theater.

    That said, I just broke my rule for Woody Allen's latest film. He's perhaps my favorite filmmaker, so I can't resist.

    It looks like MIDNIGHT IN PARIS, except it's set in Rome and casts wildly talented people.

    Great to see Woody will be back on screen again.

    Keep up the good work here on the blog and thanks for stopping by the site.

  2. Thanks for the comments! I think I'm the opposite, I enjoy watching trailers so I know what to watch to watch and what to miss. We get movie releases a bit later here in India so I have to make a mental list of what to look out for.


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