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Monday, October 25, 2010

Movie Watch: What You'll Be Watching in 2012

A big part of being a movie fan is the wait.  Sometimes, you have to wait years for your film or series to come out.  We fans are nothing but patient.   Harry Potter fans have waited an whole extra year for the Half-Blood Prince to come out when Warner Bros. pushed it off their calendar.  Heck, I'm clearing out December for next year as all the actors and directors I like are releasing their films.

So, as I'm making my list of movies I want to see next year, there are lot of movie deals being made now that hopefully will bring these movies out soon but my guess is early 2012.  Here are the ones that I am looking forward to already.

  • Another Muppet movie? Happytime Murders, directed by Brian Henson, son of Jim, is being developed by Lionsgate about a world where humans and puppets live together and yet the puppets are treated as inferior to humans.  However, when the cast of an old 80s show starts getting murdered one by one, it's up to an oddball duo of a puppet and human cops to solve the case.  I want to watch this already and I love that is labeling it as "the film noir puppet comedy aimed at adults".
  • It seems that Neil Patrick Harris can do everything.  Does playing Barney Stintson really have imbibed him with "legendary superpowers"?  Because now, Harris can add director to his long resume.  He will direct his first film, Aaron and Sarah, which follows the friendship of two teenagers through high school, one a geek and the other a popular girl.  Josh Hutcherson (The Kids are All Right) and Emma Roberts (Nancy Drew) are attached to star.
  • From Pixar pedigree comes two new movie deals in place.  Doug Sweetland, who directed Pixar's short Presto, is signed on to direct The Familiars with Sony Pictures Animation being produced by Sam Raimi.  The story revolves around three young wizard apprentices who are kidnapped by an evil queen and must rely on their companions, an alley, a blue jay and tree frog, to help them through it.
  • And over at Dreamworks, another Pixar alum, Rodrigo Blaas is turning his award-winning short Alma into a feature length movie.  This short is amazing, you can view it here.  Guillermo del Toro will be executive producer on this and Blaas will be joining him as co-director on Del Toro's next project, Trollhunters.  That's a whole lot of awesome.
  • And finally, any movie news that includes Meryl Streep is an automatic watch for me.  Word is, that Sandra Bullock and Oprah Winfrey, along with Meryl, are attached to Michael Patrick King's untitled comedy set in the world of home shopping networks.  This is win-win all around.  This even trumps Meryl's movie with Julia Roberts.  Sorry Julia!

2012 is looking great already!

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