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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Daily News Update: Snow White and Leo's next project

  • Leonardo's next project maybe?  Leonardo DiCaprio has gotten the book rights for The Devil in the White City to produce and star in the story of America's first serial killer.  Yet another dark movie with demons to purge for Leo.  
  • Tiny minuscule progress on the Arrested Development movie.  No script yet but they do have a story in mind, says David Cross (aka Tobias Funke).  Has it really been 4 years since we saw the Bluths?  Time to re-visit them and soon.  
  • Official confirmation of Tarsem Singh as director for Snow White.  It's going to be all in 3D but dark, twisty and comedic?  Didn't see this one coming.  This will be interesting for sure as this is one of three big film coming out that feature Snow White.  It will be either Tom Hardy or Johnny Depp both of whom might be interested in Snow White and the Huntsman focusing on the huntsman hired by the Evil Queen to kill Snow White but instead lets her live and teaches her to fight back.  Meanwhile, at Disney, Snow and the Seven is about a young British girl in Hong Kong who learns to fight off evil with the help of, what else, seven Shaolin monks.  What do you want to bet they all release around the same time too?
  • Baz Luhrmann is looking for an actress to play Daisy in The Great Gatsy.  Who should it be?  Rebecca Hall has already read for the role.  The list is long.  

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