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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What I've Been Up to: Not Blogging! But still watching movies...

These end of the year holidays have seriously made me so lazy.  I seem to want to do absolutely nothing...except watch movies that is.  I had a marathon session of movie watching yesterday which was so much fun.  Nothing but back to back movies.  It was in order of movies watched I Could Never Be Your Woman, Memento, Revolutionary Road, Julie & Julia and Dinner for Schmucks.  Yeah, it's an eclectic bunch of films.  It was nice to watch it with a fellow film fan and colleague of mine who watched the films with perfect concentration and attention to detail.  Brava!  Why can't I find more people like her in theater when I go to watch films?  The big downside to theaters usually is the audience.

Anyways, back to the movies, watching Memento after all these years was still exhilarating.  And after seeing so many Christopher Nolan films, it's nice to see the same touches present in his first big film.  He does seem to feature husbands fixated with the memory of their dead wife a lot, no?  First Memento, Prestige and of course, Inception.  I still love the backwards storytelling device.  Still innovative, still deeply layered.  Wouldn't expect anything else from the Nolan brothers.

Revolutionary Road was downright depressing (in a good way) even though I could help but think "Kate and Leo" over and over throughout the movie.  It was so good to see them together after Titanic.  And what fine actors they are, their performances are devastating.  Their last fight was really hard to watch.  I know moaned on about this on Twitter already but I'm really ready to see both Kate and Leo together in a film that has a happy ending this time.  We fans are totally ready for it.  Please? Pretty please?

Finally, I wish I could have ended the movie marathon with just Julie & Julia.  Although I had seen it before, Meryl Streep's joyful performance as Julia Childs is hard to resist.  After that, I ended the day with Dinner for Schmucks a very unfunny remake of a French film, The Dinner Game.  This was one of the first French comedies I seen in college when I was learning French and I loved it.  I could actually understand a few of the jokes without relying on the subtitles all the time.  I hated what the American version did to the original premise.  This was the second mediocre Paul Rudd movie of the day and I didn't like it.  I think I'll have to watch I Love You Man again.  The material simply didn't suit him.  If you get a chance, watch the original French version.  You won't regret it.

Even though, the movie marathon day fizzled at the end of the day.  I had great fun in just devoting a day to only watching movies and definitely plan on doing it again.  Have you done that recently? What movies would you watch?

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