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Monday, April 25, 2011

The Hobbit Update: Videoblogging and more!

Got a special treat for The Hobbit fans! Peter Jackson shares with us the first of many (I hope) videoblogs about the making of The Hobbit starting with pre-production on costumes, armor and sets and it ends with a very special look at the Maori blessing of the stage where filming is about to begin. This video is worth the watch as it takes us back to Middle Earth and familiar faces (hello there, Ian McKellan) and truly makes the fans part of the filming process. Take a look!

Update: After the video was filmed, Peter Jackson announced on his Facebook page that unfortunately Rob Kazinsky who was to play the dwarf Fili has had to leave The Hobbit and return back home due to personal reasons.  Production will not be affected due to the change but a new Fili will have to be cast.  

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