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Sunday, August 21, 2011

News Update: Pixar Edition!

This one's all about the good news that literally gushing itself out of Pixar out of the D23 Expo.  It's too much goodness and I don't what to do with it yet.

  • First up, let's talk about the shorts.  Another Toy Story short named 'Short Fry' will be released alongside The Muppets this November and La Luna which debuted at Annecy this past June, will be tagged with Brave next June.  Long wait, but will be totally worth it.
  • Those mystery films being announced by Disney/Pixar are no longer a mystery, we now know what they potentially might be about and who will be directing it.  First up, the November 2013 release will be about dinosaurs and the possibility of them surviving the meteor that extinguished them.  The film will be directed by Bob Peterson, co-director of Up and also the voice of Dug.  The film will be co-directed by Peter Sohn (Partly Cloudy).  And the May 2014 release will be directed by Pete Docter (Monster's Inc., Up) and scripted by Michael Arndt (Toy Story 3, Little Miss Sunshine).  What's the movie about? Well, not much was divulged about the subject matter except it's about the inner mind and the "formation of ideas".   Being cagey presently, aren't they?
  • And, finally, slipped in between all these amazing news stories is the news that Disney/Pixar will not be boycotting this year's Annie Awards for Animation.  They previously boycotted in protest of unfair voting practices.  Let's see what happens at this year's awards.

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