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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New Trailer: The Dark Knight Rises

 What a wonderful surprise to wake up to!  Warner Bros. released the second official trailer to The Dark Knight Rises, the last in the Batman trilogy, as evidenced by the end of the trailer and the caption, 'The Legend Ends'.  Here we get glimpses of other characters in the universe besides Bane and Batman.  We finally hear Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway) aka Catwoman speak.  First thoughts, Bane seems like a more than worthy villain/foe for Batman after The Joker.  The scale of menace seems much more grander than Joker's.  And because his face is obscured by that creepy mask, it makes me question his intentions even more.  Is he out to kill Batman here?  And is it me or does Bruce Wayne/Batman look weary of the whole thing.  Do I spy gray hairs?  What is going on?  Well, all our questions will be answered July 2012 but until then I'm sure hundreds of fans will be dissecting the trailer for more clues.  

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