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Thursday, August 9, 2012

New Pixar Short: Partysaurus Rex

Partysaurus Rex
It's not quite Toy Story 4 but the newest Pixar short,  Partysaurus Rex, that's due to debut in front of Finding Nemo 3D will feature on an unlikely hero.  This time, it's the anxiety-ridden dinosaur Rex who gets chosen for bath time and meets some new friends.

(Photo: Entertainment Weekly)
This latest short in the Toy Story Toons series will be directed by Mark Walsh who says in this new bath time scenario, Rex gets to reinvent himself.  What do we think of the new stills?  It's very much in keeping with the bright and happy colors we last saw in Toy Story 3 and I do believe those stickers on the bathtub are an in-house nod towards the main feature, Finding Nemo.

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