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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Recommended Reading: On Martin Short and Sundance

(Photo: New York Times)

The above picture has to be the most adorable thing I've seen in this past awards season.  Young Quvenzhane Wallis is serenely holding court as Steven Spielberg acts like an awestruck fan.  Just. Too. Cute. For. Words. 

  • One of my favorite comedians gets some great ink in Vanity Fair's comedy issue.  Read on for why Martin Short is so beloved in Hollywood. A great longread! 
  • Entertainment Weekly has a nice list of 13 Must-See Films coming out of this year's Sundance Festival.  I've already scribbled down Austenland, Breathe In, The Spectacular Now, Before Midnight and Don Jon's Addiction on my films to watch for 2013.
  • The Guardian asks: Is Quentin Tarantino the world's most influential director? Do you agree?
  • The Large Association of Movie Blogs (aka LAMB) is blogging about each category in the Academy Awards.  Do check it out and see what everyone has to say about the films nominated for Oscars this year.  And a bit of self-promotion here, I've blogged about the Best Visual Effects!

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