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Saturday, October 26, 2013

New trailer: Mr. Peabody & Sherman

After seeing those stills from Mr. Peabody & Sherman a couple of days ago, my interest was definitely peaked on the new DreamWorks' feature coming out next year.  The trailer hit the interwebs yesterday and I must say I'm liking what I see.  And I think I love Mr. Peabody (voiced by Ty Burrell) already, he's a great quirky character.

The mood of the film is fun and informative and I'm looking forward to see how Sherman (voiced by Max Charles) and Penny (voiced by Ariel Winter) mess with history in WABAC machine.  Plus, I really want to see Mel Brooks' Sigmund Freud.

Mr. Peabody & Sherman releases on March 7, 2014 and I think it's shaping out to be a great 2014 for DreamWorks animation along with the sequel of How To Train Your Dragon in the horizon.  

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