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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Around the World in Posters: Brave, Mirror Mirror and Delicacy

(Photo: iTunes Movie Trailers)
Jeremy Renner is "Bourne" again in The Bourne Legacy.

Princess Merida and mysterious blue spirits in the new Japanese poster of Brave.  Absolutely beautiful!

Moonrise Kingdom, Mirror Mirror, 65th Cannes poster and more after the cut

(Photo: Kino Gallery)
First poster for Disney's Frankenweenie, from the mind of Tim Burton.  

(Photo: iTunes Movie Trailers)
The Eiffel Tower, a rose and Audrey Tautou! Formidable! 

(Photo: Mirror UK)
 Stunning poster for the 65th Cannes Film Festival.  Happy Birthday!  

The French poster for Mirror Mirror.  I love saying Blanche Neige.  So much better than Snow White.

(Photo: Empire Online)
I love this whimsical design for Wes Anderson next film, Moonrise Kingdom.

(Photo: Collider)
 From SXSW comes the special poster for Ted.

It's only words.  Bradley Cooper looking serious for The Words.


  1. I love it when blogs focus on Movie Posters, I really love seeing some of the great designs, especially some of the foreign ones that often look much better than the domestic ones. They are often a great piece of art on their own. I thought from this bunch, Bourne, Brave, and Delicacy stood out as the best, but I didn't much care for Mirror, Mirror, I thought it was too busy.

  2. Sometimes the international posters are more appealing than the domestic ones, I like including them along. The poster is usually the first thing we are introduced to about a film and ends up being the thing we associate it with in our mind when we imagine the title. The Brave poster from Japan is my favorite, reminds me of a Studio Ghibli film.


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