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Friday, March 23, 2012

Recommended Links: Books Edition!

(Photo: Borders Australia)

  • The Book Thief is coming to the big screen!  The book written by Markus Zusak has been on the NY Times Children's bestseller list for over 230 weeks and will be helmed for the screen by director Brian Percival (Downton Abbey).  It takes place in Nazi Germany where young Liesel Meminger "steals" books from mayor's wife and makes friends with the young Jewish fist-fighter her foster parents have hidden in the basement.  The book is narrated by Death.  I'm already imagining Elle Fanning or Chloe Grace Moretz for Liesel.  Wishful thinking?
  • Here's the teaser trailer for Stephanie Meyer's The Host.  Look past the confusing Tron music, there are no machines here.  Instead, it's about an alien soul, the Wanderer, who roams the Earth in captured human body of Melanie Stryder looking to find the last remaining humans.  Saoirse Ronan is Melanie/Wanderer and the cast also features William Hurt, Diane Kruger, Frances Fisher and Max Irons (son of Jeremy Irons).  The film is directed by Andrew Niccol (In Time, Gattaca) and will release next March.
  • And finally, two Buffy alums are headed to Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, the sequel to Percy Jackson: The Lighting Thief.  Nathan Fillion (Castle, Firefly) will play Hermes and Anthony Head will take over from Pierce Brosnan as Chiron the Centaur.  There are nine books in the Percy Jackson series written by Rick Riordan so start preparing yourself for more sequels if this one does well.  
  • Link of the day: Get ready for your close-up, The Hunger Games!  The first film in the trilogy releases tomorrow and here's a refreshingly honest interview in the Los Angeles Times about the film's star, Jennifer Lawrence.  Her name is about to be just as famous as Katniss Everdeen.

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