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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Trailer Time: The Source Code, London Boulevard and Sucker Punch 3D

Is it wrong that I want to see this movie right now?  The Source Code is like a hybrid of Groundhog Day meets Speed.  Jake Gyllenhaall plays a soldier who takes part in an experimental program that allows him to relive the last 8 minutes in the life of a commuter on a train to find out who bombed it.  Whoa! Yes, so you see why I want to see it now!  You had me at Jake Gyllenhaal.

The movie also stars Vera Farmiga (Up in the Air) and Michelle Monaghan (Eagle Eye) and is directed by Duncan Jones (Moon).  Fun Fact: Duncan Jones is the son of David Bowie!

Unfortunately, this film doesn't come out until April 15, 2011.  Boo!

If you are ever wondering whatever happened to Colin Farrell and he's been quite under the radar lately.  No major scandals, just quiet work.  Shocking!  Anyways, he's back again in London Boulevard as an ex-con bodyguard to Keira Knightley's starlet.  Take a look at this very British film, it already has Ray Winstone as a gangster.  He's become almost like a cliche or a prerequisite these days.

This one's for the fanboys everywhere...girls in short clothes fighting! I still have no clue what the plot is after watching the trailer but I doubt most of the male audience is going to care. Sucker Punch 3D is directed by Zack Snyder. I'm already looking ahead to Superman.

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