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Thursday, October 14, 2010

This post contains a whole lotta news!

Onwards and let's begin!

  • The first Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides teaser trailer will debut alongside the Tron: Legacy movie.
  • Not only has the How To Train Your Dragon sequel been sanctioned, a TV series is also set to air on the Cartoon Network.
  • Tarsem Singh is going to direct a live-action feature on Snow White.  I'm really excited about this, his last film, The Fall, was completely underrated.  I wish more people had seen it, each frame was an astonishing visual and I was so moved by young Cantinca Untaru's performance in the film.  Please see it if you ever get a chance.
  • Ok, so I was all been that, seen that with the news that Men in Black 3 was announced.  But now they might bring on board Alec Baldwin, Sharlto Copley (District 9), Gemma Arterton (Prince of Persia) to join Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.  Emma Thompson and Jermaine Clement (Flight of the Conchords) are already in the cast.  What am I to do?  Fine, I'm in. Please release it around the Fourth of July.  Doesn't Will Smith have it in his contract that he must release a movie on the Fourth of July?  
  • From Harry Potter to Spiderman, Rhys Ifans is will play the new villain in the new Spiderman prequel.  No official confirmation on the character though many are guessing the Lizard.  Whatever happened to Venom? And how about a title?  Let's work on that.  I can't keep typing Spiderman prequel each time.
  • Another superhero franchise is also abuzz with casting rumors.  Christopher Nolan is re-teaming with Tom Hardy (Eames the Forger from Inception) on the next Batman.  No word whatsoever on what role he'll play but that hasn't stopped the Internet from its wild speculations.  It's fun, no?
  • After Brad Bird and Pete Docter, John Lasseter will now use Michael Giacchino (Oscar winner for Best Score for last year's Up) for Cars 2.  Giacchino and Newman are both becoming the go-to music directors for Pixar and I wholly approve.   Their soundtracks always fits so perfectly and are sublime.
  • As I had suspected, Warner's Brothers isn't completely abandoning the idea of 3D for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1.  Never fear, it'll be waiting for you when the Blu-Ray discs come out.

Finally, I'm going to end this long post with the link of the day!!!  Zach G poses in his swimsuit for Vanity Fair.  Warning: You will collapse with laughter and oh yeah, these are not safe for small kids and pets.  You have been warned!

Whew, that was exhausting.  I might take tomorrow off.

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