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Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday's Mentions

  • It's the mother of all casting news!!! No, they haven't announced who's going to play the mother on How I Met Your Mother.  But Meryl Streep will play Julia Roberts' mother in August: Osage County, a dark comedy based on a Broadway play.  John Wells will be directing and Harvey Weinstein will be producing.  This will be definitely worth watching.  
  • Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach G (that's what we'll call him as I can't keep typing his long last name all the time!) are back!!  And this time they're hitting up Bangkok on their Hangover 2.   That's what Todd Phillips has to say about the sequel on Empire Online.  He promises more tigers and more mayhem.   Oh, boy, there's so much trouble for the guys to get into in Bangkok.  I can't wait.
  • One of my favorite actresses, Amy Adams, has decisions, decisions to make.  She's considering three different roles.  She could be starring in the Muppets Movie opposite Jason Segel.  Or opposite Matt Damon in Cameron Crowe's We Bought a Zoo.  The story is about a man who, well, buys a zoo.  The title is literal.  Finally she may be thinking about joining Chris Pine in Welcome to People, being directed by Alex Kurtzman about a man whose father dies of cancer and learns that he kept a secret family.  Adams would play the part of the half-sister.  
  • More Olivia Wilde casting news.  She'll play Justin Timberlake's mother in Andrew Niccols next project.  No, really.  The story takes place in a society where one stops aging at 25.  That should explain everything, right?  No, not really.  Well, along with Olivia and Justin, Amanda Seyfriend and Cillian Murphy are also part of the cast as a rich heiress and a corrupt lawman, respectively.  Maybe this was the mother of all casting news, no?
  • The Social Network wins the weekend box-office and so begin the start of the Facebook puns.  Just you wait, this is will last all the way until Oscar weekend.  Brace yourself.  

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