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Friday, June 15, 2012

My Top 5 Female Pixar characters

One week to go before the release of Brave and its very own princess film apart from Disney and the first female lead.  Which doesn't mean they haven't had strong female characters in their films before.  Brave will only be the first film where the female character gets most screen time.  So, before Princess Merida's debut, let's have a look at my top female Pixar characters (this includes fishes and robots!).

5. Jessie (from Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3): After the tremendous popularity of Toy Story, it was time to involve some more characters including a new yodeling cowgirl named Jessie to the gang of Andy's room.  Jessie is awkward and insecure yet fiercely loyal.  All those qualities you need in a good toy friend and her backstory, oh my, you're definitely going to cry yourselves a river!  This cowgirl will definitely be there for you.

4. Collette (from Ratatouille): A fellow chef to Linguini at Chef Gusteau's kitchen, she at first doesn't know what to make of the novice she has to tutor but they come to mutually admire one another and eventually fall in love.  Voiced by Janeane Garfalo, Colette is a no-nonsense career woman and strong in her beliefs but she does come around to Gusteau's formula of 'Anyone can cook' even a rat.

3. Dory (from Finding Nemo): Oh, Dory, you had me at 'P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney'.  A Pacific Regal Blue Tang (voiced by a perfectly cast Ellen DeGeneres) with a short-term memory loss problem, Dory helps her new friend Marlin find his lost son, Nemo, all the way to Sydney.  Her heart-breaking speech to Marlin at towards the end of the film gets me every time.  You definitely want someone like her in your corner if you're facing vegetarian sharks, jellyfish or laid-back turtles in the land under.

2. EVE (from Wall-E): The object of Wall-E's affection, EVE (Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator) is no shrinking violent.  She can very much handle herself, thank you!  EVE was inspired by the Apple school of design including iPod designer Jonathan Ives who approved of her design.  EVE, even in her robot form, very much female with curves and sleekness as she saves the day and her man.

1.  Edna (from The Incredibles):  All the female characters of Pixar have nothing on Edna who, if she had her way, darling, would rule the world if she wasn't so busy designing those super-chic superhero costumes.  Hilariously voiced by director Brad Bird himself, Edna is a joy onscreen.  Part therapist, part mother hen to the Supers she designs for, she has a vision that will make you believe.

Honorable mentions

  • Sally Carrera (from Cars) - a pragmatic Porsche who sees right through Lighting McQueen and voiced by the equally pragmatic Bonnie Hunt.  I wanted more of her presence in the sequel.

  • Ellie (from Up) - We don't get to hear or see much from Ellie after that devastating sequence on the Fredericksons life and marriage but little Ellie first adorably extends the hand of friendship to Carl by sharing their love adventure and exploration and saying, "You don't talk much...I like you!"  We wish we had more time with you.  

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