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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Oscars Class Photo 2015!

(Photos: AMPAS)
Oscars, meet your class of 2015! Can you spot the first-time host Neil Patrick Harris? Or Birdman Michael Keaton? How about an incredibly happy Bradley Cooper? Seriously, he can't stop smiling.  You wouldn't either if you were nominated for the third straight year. Oscar really, really likes him. 

Every year, before The Academy Awards are held, an luncheon is held to celebrate the nominees and guide them on what to expect come Oscar night. Basically, remember that the whole world is watching and don't mess up your speech you've waited your whole life to say. It's a lovely tradition to continue and each nominee is awarded a certificate of their nomination as well and a chance to meet the press. It allows the nominees to get to know each other and size up the competition. Until we see you all on February 22nd, congratulations, The Academy's class of 2015!

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